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Write Deal Association is an NGO that was formed in 2011 and is made up of a group of artistic professionals hailing from different artistic backgrounds (script-writers, researchers, story-board artists, composers, designers, animators, graphic designers, modelers and voice talents) who work together to:

-  Raise public and political awareness on social and environmental issues through its audio-visual productions and work.

-  Encourage and enhance the talent of local Maltese audio-visual artists (script-writers, directors, producers, animators,

   illustrators, composers, editors, sound-effects) and others.

-  Educate and cultivate its members’ talents by supporting them in training in their relevant fields.

-  Support the Maltese language by producing productions (cartoons, films, documentaries, publications, etc) in both the English

   and the Maltese language.

All this is possible thanks to the NGO’s artistic creativity, professionalism, integrity and inclusiveness.



Changing society... One child at a time...

Social and human rights themes should be promoted with children from a young age. Yet traditional fairy-tales, which everyone takes for granted, portray various themes that actually promote the opposite of these important subjects. The problem is that these cartoons are subconciously instilling in children a sense of racism, homophobia and xenophobia, whilst promoting gender inequality, social inequality, poverty and exclusion, amongst many others. All this results in hate-speech and a lack of understanding and tolerance for both when children are young, as well as when they grow up to become young adults and later on active citizens.

Thus, and without losing any of their traditional values and principles, the fairy-tales presented in this site are being re-examined and re-structured.

We believe that we can make a difference!

Last but definitely not least, all the work related with the cartoons has been carried out by local artists.


A Children’s Television Programme with a Difference


Vox-pops, exclusive documentaries, interviews, stories, music videos, quizzes and movie trailers are some of the ingredients that make up the new children’s television programme F’Idejna (In Our Hands) produced by Write Deal Association, that is currently being transmitted daily (Mondays to Saturdays) on One Tv as from April 2023.


Through its fun and well-researched subjects, this edutaining programme is supporting intergenerational dialogue, whilst raising awareness of social inclusion and human rights, such as gender equality.


Furthermore, thanks to a number of carefully-produced episodes, F’Idejna is fighting hate speech, hate crime, and negative stereotypes. This by recounting real cases that incorporate hate speech and hate crime that, unfortunately, are happening right now in our country. Children from the voluntary organization The Scout Association of Malta are answering some questions related with these cases. These same questions is also being answered by experts from the National School Support Services who give their expertise and provide some insight on these cases. These particular episodes are being produced with the help of the Victim Support Agency in Malta.


Produced by award-winning television producer Ruth Frendo, F’Idejna is presented by five child presenters who are Hollie Micallef, Bradley Camilleri, Ana Galea, Andy Liviu Zachin and Shazney Barbara. F’Idejna benefits from a grant under the Active Citizens Fund from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA Grants. This fund is operated in Malta by SOS Malta.


F’Idejna is transmitted from April till June 2023, daily (Mondays to Fridays) at 08:30, 15:35 and 19:15 (Prime-Time right before the evening news); with a repeat on Saturdays at 15:35 on One Tv.


(PHOTO: Above, from left: Hollie Micallef, Bradley Camilleri, Ana Galea; Bottom, from left: Shazney Barbara, Andy Liviu Zachin)

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